I'm the One

July 30, 2008
By Eliza Rooney, Louisburg, KS

I’m that first thought you get when you wake up in the morning.
I’m that tired feeling you get when you open your eyes and start yawning.
I’m that feeling you have when you think you love someone so much.
The same feeling you have when your heart beats fast from one touch.
I’m the smile on your face when your day dreaming in a daze.
I’m that frown on your face when your ticked off and in a rage.
I’m that guilt that tugs the back of your mind.
I take small things and make them big and you can’t explain why.
I’m the tears that fall from your streaked face.
I’m the reason you stop to think about your first guess.
I’m the one to push you harder to do your best.
I’m that feeling you get when something is just not right.
I’m that pill you take to help you sleep at night.
I’m everything, just everything you see.
I can be good or bad, that’s just me.
I’m the one that seems fine at the time,
But then I’m the one that knifes you from behind.

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