A star in heaven

July 30, 2008
By Ashley Place, Fair Oaks, CA

I watched a star from heaven fall
so beautiful, so bright.
it spead through space before my eyes,
then away into the night.

I went to make a silent wish,
then realized I had none.
So I sat upon my window sill,
and drank in the morning sun.

I didnt make a wish that night,
because I've found they don't come true.
Because so many people spend time wishing,
and never do what they want to do.

I've been told my life is hard,
that it was cruel and never fair.
People tell me that they're sorry,
but the truth is, they weren't there.

I've always said my will was strong,
that my heart was made of stone.
That help was never needed,
that it was best to deal with on my own.

Oh how I made things so much worse,
how I changed what I could be.
There was a ray of hope, a ray of light,
That I had never wished to see.

In my heart I found 2 loves,
one a spirit, and one a friend.
And for once in my entire life,
I let myself live again.

Life has let me down,
but I promise to stand tall.
Even when things get hard,
I promise to get through it all.

The author's comments:
I hope that a reader who sees this understands that even in the dakrness there is light. Even when they're is no hope, someone is always watching over you and understands the weight of your burden.

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