Hey Regis

August 1, 2008
Hey Regis, can I get a lifeline?
He was my soulmate by design.
Hey Regis, where's my lifeline?
So this is my final answer;
Hey Regis, what happened to my lifeline?
His life is over and gone
Stopped by the bang of a gun
Doctor, please, stop with your jargon
And I beg you, just tell me
Why can't I have my lifeline?
'Cause it's all my fault he's gone.
I should've tried harder to save him.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
'Cause it's all my fault that he's gone.
Am I sure this is my final answer?
Am I sure I want to live with this?
Though it may be my final answer...
I don't think I can live with it.
It'll drive me to insanity, but
I've got no other choice.
Hey Regis, this is my final answer.
This is my final answer.
Because it was all my fault.

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