Ray of Light

August 1, 2008
By Diana Swanson, Valparaiso, IN

Amazing it is what minuscule events,
Can plainly transform a life.
A word, a good word, spoken at the right time,
Can taste better than victory won,
And a deed, e'en a small deed,
Holding open the door,
A "thank you" or "excuse me",
Never required, always sweet,
Can radiate beauty for miles--eons!--
In an aging, youthful heart,
So why--please tell me why!--do we
Neglect the paramountly microscopic,
The life-morphing snippets,
With so much power as to save a life,
Or just to brighten up a day--
Oh, why?
Why as humans must we remain so immersed
In ourselves,
So immersed that we cannot take the time out of our day,
One second or perhaps ten,
To seize that ray of light but not hold onto it,
To instead hand it over with a smiling face,
To someone else in need?
Everyone is in need of kindness,
Unselfishness displayed toward them;
We need value, to feel we are valuable,
Without such selfish strife,
For like smiles, such humble fortunes are contagious,
Like resplendent rays of light.


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