What I Leave Behind

July 31, 2008
I sat upon Camelback Mountain. The sky was dimly lit; one by one street lights faded in, as well as homes and office buildings accompanying each other in an orchestra of lights. There was the slightest sound of cars passing in the distance, but a strong silence resignated. The horizon bordered the world's wonders, and I was merely a small piece to it. Small, of course, was an understatement. The more appropriate phrase would be "extremely insignificant" or rather, "hardly essential in any way." I yearn for so much as needed existance. That if I was flicked off of Earth's surface, someone, somewhere, would sob a thosuand and three tears and fall faint. I wish for a life of purpose. So when I feel Heaven's Angels tapping on my shoulder, I can smile and take my leave without hesitation, for I know I have truly made the most out of my life. I don't want to ripple the water in a puddle, I want to create a tidal wave in every ocean on our globe. I don't want to give California a little tremble, I want to shake the world up. I want every individual to hear my name and think of someone dedicated and humble. I need to be known. Simply because I want to leave something behind when I go, that is much more valueable than my generation's music, or a few terndy outfits; I want to leave behind new acquired knowledge for the foundation of peace.

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