maple tree

July 30, 2008
By jaki liu, Arcadia, CA

There, tall and thriving the blossoming giant stood,
Through the bitter winter and welcomes the lively spring.
Newly born emerald sprouting, blessed by the holy rood.
Valiant and brave, the trunk fought the freezing heaven and painted a mocking green.
There the maple tree remains.

There lush and prosperous the flourishing giant remain.
Across the sparkling spring and greeted the bursting summer.
Verdurous branches reaching like hands to sooth the brooding pain.
So broad of the leaves, guarding it’s pureness like an impassable armor.
There the maple tree dwells.

There, bright and fruitful the fiery giant dwell
Out of the lush summer and invited rebirthing autumn
leaves of fire scorched the sky like a living hell.
Flaming comets plunge down to the soil returning to where it was from
There the maple tree stays

There barren and purified, the unclothed giant stays
Departing the golden autumn and pierced the heavenly winter.
Lean branches reaching, yearning, desiring the return of it’s brilliant days.
Men of disaster came and went taking its limbs and singed them in to hinder.
There the maple tree stood.

Through the years bold and valiant, the glorious giant lived,
and who knows how much mourn the behemoth bears.

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