From Shadows to Stripes

September 6, 2012
By Quinntessa PLATINUM, Amherst, Massachusetts
Quinntessa PLATINUM, Amherst, Massachusetts
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A nimble paw, charcoaled, touches a scorched leaf
It's frown tight and black from putrid fury
No glistening nor shimmers of dew drop's grief
The claws slash back with scrutinized worry

Her shadow hangs across the branded dirt
Tail whips among tree's deranged demands
An ear folds over in defeated young hurt
As a conquered corpse starts from her homeland

A subtle wisp of air caresses her skin
Nuzzling with its icy thought to give
Darkened eyes shoot from jaded to thin
Let the invading balmy just foolishly forgive

The disk looming on begins to dissipate
As her face reaches the new opening of land
The sun streams through to fondly participate
Her eyes are alert to its genuine lending hand

Streaks of coal string opposite of fire
Ember stays hidden in her untrustworthy eyes
But the grass, lush, supple beneath her feet inspire
Memories of native land swell in smoldering cries

Yet now plants grow tall for sheltering limbs
Things remain delightful in the sight of rain
Her sorrow brought on by a magical whim
Set her off in search of different terrain

With a new heart those burnt eyes opened wide
To what awaited her in a wondrous place
Poison drew from with no where to hide
Her pads quickened up, setting the new pace

Out of the shadows, she stayed no more
Letting the light take off a hold of her distress
Her valiant stripes blistered and toreĀ 
Triumphantly her untrodden step's closure adress

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