Kill the Night

September 6, 2012
By Quinntessa PLATINUM, Amherst, Massachusetts
Quinntessa PLATINUM, Amherst, Massachusetts
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The knots twist down my bleached hair
Making a cascade of tattered waves
Whispering wind in the cool, damp air
Persuades me to escape to the caves

A storm is brewing in the darkened sky
Clouds black with madness and fury
Tears leak with the night's great cry
The sun's pushed by the moon in a hurry

She looks old and lonely tonight
With wrinkles imprinting her white face
Her emotions show sense of horror and fright
As she cries and the mystic clouds chase

I look down at my withered, drawn hand
The flesh torn and bleeding from use
A weird fog settles across peculiar land
My cold eyes worry now from solemn youth

When it becomes the shadows lurk out
Waiting for their perfect moment, strike a pounce
Hugging me, while luminous stars shout
I keep hidden until the pastel colors announce

Light is coming from the calming sea
As the sun fights his way up to the moon
He challenges her with superior authority
Victory comes with it's own tune

I creep out of my bunker unaware
Of the delight of a passing tempest
The celestial sphere has gained new affair
With intensity of blue's kiss, blessed

I smile again in the warmth of his rays
Laughing at the shivers they send
I look up and hold his flaming gaze
He let my scared eyes work their mend

No longer do I feel panicked as I'd been
Of becoming the moon's new soul
As I believe in his illumination againĀ 
Twilight cannot burn somber as coal

I am secure, she shall not get me
For I pose able-hearted and brave
Since sun taught me to grin and blissfully be
I stand on nightmare's horrid grave

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