Weakness Personified

September 5, 2012
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We all push back the things that hurt us most
We run from the pasts unwanted ghosts
Yet when we try to shut off and coast
We see the void in which we're engrossed

Fear often ruins the lives of men
It exposes those who can only pretend
It tells subconscious stories of where we've been
And reminds us Death is just a matter of when

Rejection creeps in, with his story of Woe
Without him, accceptance goes unnoticed, though
Still, we all need that one place to go
When we catch all our dreams ans they run, screaming "no"

Pain stands behind, a deceiving friend
He'll hold your hand from beginning to end
He pushes you as far as your body can bend
He makes the brave stand together, seeing souls to defend

Shame gives birth to secrets, lies, and deceit
He is a plague to every man that you greet
when the four are combined, you crumble in defeat
Because you've become the man you hoped you'd never meet

Ego is the one who plagues us most of all
He makes us believe that we can never fall-
Until we're backed up against a wall
Then our friend is gone, and we become small

With our weaknesses spread out before our eyes
Our nature becomes something we learn to despise
But this practice isn't one that's entirely wise
Because the Darkest of times is when Light will arise

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