Learning to Breathe

September 3, 2012
By quidtemis PLATINUM, Danville, Alabama
quidtemis PLATINUM, Danville, Alabama
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Affliction is a good man's shining time -Edward Young

My whole world is falling apart
At the same time that it's built anew.
I rebuild my shattered heart
As I learn to breathe without you.

Outsiders say I'm all for show;
They don't see the change in my eyes.
There are just some pleasures they'll never know
Since they're forever trapped by your lies.

Now I've said what I need to
And I don't have that much time.
I don't even recognize you
So I don't see how to keep trying.

It hurts to always care so much
-Not that you'd ever know.
You were ready to go in such a rush
And your "love" was just for show.

I'm still learning to breathe without you
But I get stronger every day.
I'm starting to cling to something true
Now that you don't stand in my way.

I see you in your dark spells;
You stuff emotions on a shelf
Because you can't love someone else
Until you love yourself.

I've found a brighter side of life
-seen addiction shot in the head.
Escaped the pain and bitter strife
Of always lying g instead

I found a life of freedom
inside my Father's arms
He helps me fight the demon
who's caused me so much harm.

So now, I guess it's true.
You can't shake me to my core.
I've learner to breathe without you.
I don't want you anymore.

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