Why That, God?

August 28, 2012
By ShiroAmeiro GOLD, Freeport, Maine
ShiroAmeiro GOLD, Freeport, Maine
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"If I do it, I will be disobeying my government. But if I do not do it, I will be disobeying God." - Chinue Sugihara

Two thousand years ago, Jesus was born on Earth.
Two thousand years ago, a Savior for us was born.
He deserved flying banners, He deserved a big bang.
A lowly stable? He deserved a lot more.
Why did God choose it that way?
What did God have to show us from that night?
Why did He send His One and Only Son?
The Redeemer, the Saving Light?

Why did God choose the lowly stable?
Jesus deserved a grand castle, or at least an inn.
Instead, he got a broken stable and a manger of hay.
Jesus in the manger, the One to rid us of sin.
Perhaps God choose the stable because that is like us.
Our hearts are broken and cannot offer much for Him.
Yet God, instead of choosing the righteous, sought that stable.
Because in our weariness, our brokenness, we make room for Him.

Why did God choose the young, teenager Mary?
Jesus deserved a mother with wisdom, with a name.
Instead Mary, engaged to be married, was His mother.
And from her womb He came.
Perhaps God saw her faith, the faith of a child.
It is said that a child has more faith than the rest of us.
Would an older woman have said yes, though it was her Lord?
But Mary did, and it was she who carried Jesus.

Why did God choose the shepherds to witness this miracle?
Jesus deserved a parade, He deserved for the world to know.
Instead, it was the nearby shepherds who greeted Him.
The lowliest of the low, this is whom God chose.
Perhaps God saw that the poorest would be the most receptive.
If we are poor in materials, in spirit, in mind,
It is Jesus we first turn to, when we need comfort.
We manage to find for Him then some time.

Why did God choose only the three wise men?
Jesus deserved all the kings to bow down.
Instead, only three made the effort to make the journey.
Only three kings gave Jesus His deserved crown.
Perhaps God saw only the humble rich could get off their thrones.
Only those who made the effort to follow that shining star,
Only those who even looked to it could find Him.
Those willing to give up what they had, no matter who they are.

Why did God choose His Son to be a weak baby?
Jesus deserved to arrive as a true king, with power in His hand.
Instead, He was born like us, weak and powerless.
To everyone else, no more important that a grain of sand.
But God gave Jesus to us so He knew our pain.
He grew up knowing our struggles with sin.
He knew our troubles with temptations.
Then He took the cross for our lives in exchange.

Why didn’t God choose Jesus to come as He deserved?
Can you see Jesus born in a palace, or an inn?
Those with hard hearts are like this,
They just don’t have room for a little baby to come in.

Why didn’t God choose Jesus to come as He deserved?
Can you see Jesus born to a queen, a righteous queen?
Not even Zachariah, a priest, had enough faith in God.
For we need faith like a child to believe.

Why didn’t God choose Jesus to come as He deserved?
Can you see Jesus being flocked by the world?
Even His own people rejected Him.
Why would they care about a baby born to a young girl?

Why didn’t God choose Jesus to come as He deserved?
Can you see Jesus surrounded by bowing kings?
Those with a crown and a name have too much pride.
To bow down to a baby would be a horror rather than a blessing.

Why didn’t God choose Jesus to come as He deserved?
God spoke directly to the people, back when the world was young.
But they hid their true selves behind their backs.
Why would they listen if God came down, fully grown?

The day that we accept Jesus into our hearts is Christmas;
This is the way Jesus deserved to come.

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