Using My Head For Once

August 27, 2012
I thout I could replace you.
I thought I would try;
To Find the love that we once had,
In another guy.
I thought I could forget you.
I thought I would move on;
But I'm miserable without you;
I'm a lonely love song.
I thought I could be happy.
I thought you could be, too.
Yet, I'm constantly in pain,
In this world without you.
I thought things would be different.
I thought that they just might.
Still, I regret it all,
When I dream of you each night.
I think I think too much.
Wouldn't you agree?
I think I think too much about,
When there was you and me.
I think I wasn't thinking,
And about this I cannot lie;
I KNOW that I was wrong,
The day I said good-bye.

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