August 27, 2012
By gshalam BRONZE, Allenhurst, New Jersey
gshalam BRONZE, Allenhurst, New Jersey
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My eyes look straight but my mind drifts away
Overcome with tranquility I lay
The diamond stars give off a gleam of hope
The wind whistling through them like jumping rope

My protective walls begin to retract
Darkness fills the air and my mind attacked
As imagination takes the front line
A battle begins where just one can shine

As two sides collide the Universe cries
It’s tears fall in a cascade and it dies
News of its demise shatters the effort
As the loss of it caused much discomfort

Victory accompanied by cheering
The sore defeated begin retreating
The ruler of the Universe named
In charge of all the wild and the tamed

Ruler of the violet, the forest
From the slightly sane to the craziest
From the small rivers to the large oceans
Ruler of all the wise thoughts and notions

The tears of paradise sprinkle on me
As my mind emerges from the debris
A loud clamor crushes my silent world
I was back. Reality now my world

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