Love Letter to Paris

August 22, 2012
By lilybb BRONZE, Nyack, New York
lilybb BRONZE, Nyack, New York
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I'm blinded. My world is a gleaming haze
Of blurry dancers, An array of lights.
My eyes are glazed with a film of fresh smoke
And the magic which makes a dancer move
In twirls under a spotlight, making love
Through day and night to their obsession, Paris.

I live for waking up in your arms, Paris.
Being inside makes quite a morning haze.
Lost in frightened thoughts: will anyone ever love
Me like you do? Keep me; shine your warm lights
On every part of my body. I'll move
And shake and breathe your cloud of smoke.

Ah, another morning, my lover's smoke...
Wait, this smoke is not that of my Paris!
I'm alone in my white sheets as you move
Far, far, away; what a troubled haze
My mind becomes under florescent lights...
They taunt me, impersonating your love!

Oh, how I long through the night for your love
In my mouth, a bitter taste of warm smoke
Dripping through me, dancing under your lights.
You're a tease! But I'd love you well, Paris,
I'm so addicted to your morning haze.
Tempt me into sinning, I want to move.

This lonely place is a trap, make me move!
Your fingers strangled my heart, stole its love
And left me here to wallow in a haze.
Oh please! Kill me with your cigarette smoke
Once more! I'll sin to be your slave, Paris.
I'll kiss your tower and polish your lights.

Death looks so beautiful in your sweet lights.
I'll be there before you know it, don't move!
I'll make the sacrifice for you, Paris,
So we can be together and our love
Can live forever, we'll share a dark smoke
Above. Our heads will be a cloudy haze.

Oh, my body missed your warm lights! They love
To paint pictures as they move through white smoke!
I'm awake, Paris! In a dreamy haze!

The author's comments:
This piece is a sestina; a poem where the last word of each line follow a pattern which falls in on itself, while also keeping 10 syllables per line.
The pattern is as follows:

(envoi) ECA or ACE

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