House of Blackness

July 30, 2008
By Amy Terracciano GOLD, Madison, New Jersey
Amy Terracciano GOLD, Madison, New Jersey
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I am trapped inside a house of blackness.
A blackness that allows me to breathe.
A blackness that allows me to see the hope.
A blackness that tortures me cruelly.
A blackness that prevents me from reaching the hope.

I sit in a corner,
A corner that is now filled with grief,
A corner that is now filled with the tears of regret.

The blackness begins to close in
It crushes me
It turns me into a dormant being:
Not allowing anything in
Not allowing anything out.
My brain freezes from the heat of the blackness.
My lips become parched from the coldness of the blackness.
My hands melt into my thighs,
Preventing me from lashing out at my murder.
My muscles stiffen with the heaviness of the blackness.
I begin to feel nothing.
My soul drains out of me.
My eyes glaze over.
But not before I see a gleam of hope shine through the blackness.
I feel rage, anger rise up into me
My veins fill with a power,
A power that surges through my body
I scream, a burning scream from my dry throat.

I charge forward, feeling invincible.
I do not fear death,
I do not fear destruction.
I have to try- to try and fight back against my torturer.
I gain my strength with each step.
Each step closer to the wall that is a divider between life and death,
A divider between hope and regret.
I close my eyes and push through the darkness
Hoping for the best, preparing for the worst
I open my eyes,
They flood with light.
I was out, out of the hell
I was alive.

My body loosens
My heart pumps
My eyes adjust to the light -- the light of life.
I run, run as far away from the house of blackness

The author's comments:
This piece of writing was something that I wrote in my head at 1 o'clock at night. I could not fall asleep and I had all of these things running through my mind. I started daydreaming and from that dream that I conjured I wrote a poem that summed it up. I quickly wrote it down after I said it in my head.

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