The Chemical Bondss ;)

August 27, 2012
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Elements by themselves are unsound
So they react with other elements on the Periodic Table
The product of this reaction is known as a compound
It makes the elements stable

To be stable, many elements use the ionic bond
Metals losing their electrons to gasses is what this process involves
The metal ends up being positively charged since its electrons abscond
And negative is the way gasses evolve

Ionic compounds are held together in a strong lattice
So it takes a lot of energy to change their state
To do this you need some good apparatus
And some time because you’ll have to wait

Water molecules tend to attract ions away
Therefore, you can always dissolve ionic compounds
The ions can conduct electricity too since they can stray
Now, isn’t that just profound?

What if two gasses were to react?
They both have to lose their electrons to be steady
Therefore, they share their electrons using molecules when they interact
And it makes both of them happy! =)

Gasses react with each other using covalent bonding
Their product is known as a covalent compound
Covalent compounds are pretty quick at boiling
They disappear without making a sound

Now we come across a type of substance pretty strange
Giant Covalent Structures – otherwise known as macromolecules
Held together by bonds extremely tough, impossible to rearrange
Well, at least not in normal schools

Metals consist of atoms packed together tightly
Therefore, they have a sea of free electrons
It makes them malleable, ductile and good conductors of heat and electricity
The strong forces of attraction between them are known as metallic bonds

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rashi said...
Aug. 30, 2012 at 11:22 am
wow!!!!! never thought that someone can make such a cool poem on CHEMISTRY!!!
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