Something to break the Fall

July 31, 2008
By DreamingPoet89 DIAMOND, Hillsboro, Ohio
DreamingPoet89 DIAMOND, Hillsboro, Ohio
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Life without love , is no life at all

Breathing comes harder now
he's left alone
can't see why
he tries so hard
just to feel alive.

Goes along with the flow
of how he thinks
life is supossed to be like
never tries to open his soul
hides away his nightmares.

Harder now to breathe
just going along with the plan
they tell him
he's not worth anything
a failure nothing but a lie.

Tries to open his eyes
see the life
he's made a choice
it seems harder now
for him to believe her
as she tries to save him.

Something to break his fall
heart so black
it hurts to feel
she wipes his tears
as he stands up
and walks away
her holding his hand.

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