The Thief

August 22, 2012
By JWALKtheoriginal BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
JWALKtheoriginal BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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Someone ran away
With my soul
Took all goals
Robbed me until I had nothing left
It was a hard kind of theft
It made me stop and think
As it ran away.
I had to pay the cost of losing myself.
Learn my way again.
Find out what ran with my hopes
My dreams
Everything I had inside of me.
I think about that everything
That was taken
All the gifts
The talents.
The things that makes me be.

Eventually I found out who was behind it all.
I was shaking to find
Standing there.
At the edge of the cliff.
Nowhere else to run.
Waiting for the next moves.
Why would I take myself?
How come I robbed myself blind?
Only to feel lost and Alone.
Something ran away with my soul
It was me.

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