how i see me

August 19, 2012
Shes sitting there on the side of the road,
cars rushing by but only slowing to catch a glimpse,
of this unknown beauty.

Her short curly hair giving off a fiery glow,
in the sunset light,
her skin pale but an,
as if she spent the day in the sand.

But not one driver got a closer look than me,
this unknown beauty is still a beauty,
but not for the reasons others know,
sure they are her but not all.

Her eyes golden but they look like a sunset on water,
her lips looked like she was wearing lipstick,
her eyes small but looked outlined,
but in truth no makeup touched this beauty's face.

But look closer and you will see what i see,
her skin made imperfect by scars,
Her body not tiny but not to large,
her eyes so bright but so sad.

Her face heart shaped,
with a scar on the side,
showing were someone put a knife,
but still she was beautiful.

She is tall but not to tall,
she is sweet and kind a little to much for her own good,
her voice tinted with a southern drawl,
that makes you want to talk all day long,

She smiles never showing her teeth,
when you complement her,
she will blush and say thank you,
while looking at the ground.

This unknown beauty is no longer unknown,
she doesn't always see herself as she does now,
this unknown beauty is known by me,
and that is because i am she.

But even though i am not perfect,
can see what others see,
I see why they call me an angel and a beauty,
this unknown beauty is beauty because she is me.

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