My Mom Fought the Club and the Club Won MAG

August 22, 2012
By Matt Denno BRONZE, Georgetown, Massachusetts
Matt Denno BRONZE, Georgetown, Massachusetts
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In the smoke-filled living room,
My shopping mother stands.
She likes to view Home Shopping Club,
And buy from distant lands.
Sweat stands out upon her brow,
While she thinks nothing would be nicer
Than to jump right up and buy
One of Home Shopping’s kitchen slicers.
No! She screams inside her head,
Although she feels the urge,
I will not drive my family broke,
Because I like to splurge.
But in the end she will break down,
She’ll throw her family’s welfare down,
Pick up the phone, and go to town.
Every day now we expect
Another guy from U.P.S.
And from his brown truck he’s brought
The merchandise my mother got.
Then she runs a marathon,
Back to where the TV’s on.
She’ll shop and squander, and splurge, and spend.
Then she’ll shop some more again.

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