Till The End

August 16, 2012
By GabbyLyn GOLD, Hurdland, Missouri
GabbyLyn GOLD, Hurdland, Missouri
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His bare feet are cold on the ledge,
Her dress flaps in the wind.
They're nearing the edge,
"Together," they say, "till the end."

The blood splattered the concrete,
But he broke her fall.
It was the fate she was meant to meet,
God refused to answer her call.

She had a reason to live,
A bigger purpose in life.
Her life wasn't hers to give,
No matter how sharp the knife.

She grew old and died alone,
Never forgetting that day.
She never met anyone,
But still repeated his name.

In heaven she met him,
Where he was waiting for her.
God held a wedding for them,
Because this time he was sure.

"Together," they say, "till the end."

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