Blissful Turbulence

August 16, 2012
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“Pay attention, Adeline!” she calls in a caustic voice,
One that never, ever ceases to make me cringe.
“Get it together or leave now! Make your choice!”
She warns, as I hide my eyes under my fringe.
A defense I opt for whenever I seem to lose my poise.

A jeering outbreak of laughter erupts simultaneously.
My cheeks flush, and thus my embarrassment dictates
That I grab all of my things and flee ever so hurriedly.
With their eyes on my back, my heart rapidly fluctuates.
I take a breath, which my lungs yearned for desperately.

Down a familiar stretch of my school’s expansive hallway
I arrive at the office, where a receptionist greets me with
“You again?” she exclaims. “This is the 5th time in a day!”
After receiving a call, my parents believed it was a myth
“This can’t be”, they cry. “Our child never acts this way!”

After a long day of feverish discussion they want to know
Why I can’t focus in class and what’s got me so distraught.
I’m speechless as I look into uneasy eyes, words won’t flow.
Chagrin seizes me, every bit of my face feels intensely hot.
I’m afraid that once I explain, they won’t understand my woe.

How can I reveal that my “problem” has a sinewy frame,
Beautiful eyes, auburn hair, is tall, with a charming smile.
I’m madder than a March hare and he’s the one to blame!
I love him so much that if he’d ask, I’d swim across the Nile,
Even in class, I can’t keep my deranged affection tame!

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