The Geometry Lesson MAG

August 22, 2012
By Stephen D&#39Evelyn BRONZE, Needham, Massachusetts
Stephen D&#39Evelyn BRONZE, Needham, Massachusetts
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I saw the sea of geometry.
Its bright, lucid waters sparkled at me.
Equipped with a few theorems, I plunged
Believing it all obvious, I lunged
Into – surprise! – deep fathoms of space.
I swam downward, my bubbles a fine shining lace:
A link to above. Yet down I went still,
For, though a challenge, it was also a thrill.
I saw danger and beauty like never before,
Poisonous diversions, garish on the sea floor.
But I swam geometry’s depths until finally, at last,
I saw an overgrown wreck with one still-erect mast.
And there I found treasure, not sea-greened

silver bars,
But glistening understanding, order of the stars.
And, so, with my loot I began to ascend
Through the dark that seemed to have no end,
And then I broke out into liquid sunshine,
Tears of laughter mixed with this brine.
A little knowledge is dangerous, for
It showed me uncertainty I’d never known before.
Yet it brought me back up, and now I know
That bright skies hide fathom-blues below.

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