Shades of the Music Man

August 15, 2012
By foolish_dork GOLD, Green Bay, Wisconsin
foolish_dork GOLD, Green Bay, Wisconsin
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How did I end up here again on my bed crying
Wishing you can trust me when I say that you are perfect
But you can’t seem to understand the words that came from my heart
Because when I open my eyes you were fading far from my grasp
That you got me going crazy thinking that what I have done to get you gone
When I look at your brown eyes I see the man I know there it is in there
The man that captivate me from day one when I took your hands
As we spin in circles on the dance floor in my senior ball
You introduce me saying that you are RJ and I said that I’m Nicki
The sparks of innocent beauty glowed through the dark room
And all I saw was the way you look at me when our eyes matched
When your innocent gentle touch of your hands rubbed on my back
Leaving me breathless and my heart jump into circles into the ring of romance
But you cut the performance short when you let the hand you love to the moon
The moon you look when your heart is broken into a million pieces
When you knew the moon can only hold those tears and listen to you
When no one listens to you as you scream in a hole reaching someone to understand
But I’m standing here in front of you wishing to be that moon
And that one day I can be the sun that shines on you on early morning
To know who you are and to believe in you when no one can
Fight your battles with you when you are alone
Because it was you against the world for as long as you remember
But what if I can tell you that it would be us against the world
No words no rumors and nothing else can break what we feel each other
And you know that in your heart when you are with me or alone
But all we can do is remember what we spoke for hours on you and I
Nothing more but the true self of one another
The pain and burden we felt about our past
Our fears we shared that seemed so untrue
Never wanting to be in love with rain pouring down on us without an umbrella
But who can we fear such feelings when we can’t even get to know one another
When we both know the end to this story when our life leads two different paths
Living in two worlds that tears our hearts and souls apart as we scream
You run and run from me to want to never to see that end like we knew it were going to happen
When our bodies touch one another and our heart promise with that one kiss
But if you may run please don’t hate what has happen between us
We never asked for heartbreaks or the unspoken sparks of magic
It just happens to be this summer of romance that our fate leads us to be
But please move on and go for what you saw in your nightmare
Run as far as you can to never let that heart of gold break
But please don’t ever forget the kisses and hugs we shared when we saw one another
And the sweet love that you taught me when we were together once
Don’t regret any of it
And don’t ever regret fading in the world by yourself
Because you chose that path on your own
The best of luck my miracle I wished upon that moon
Forever remembered the man of music

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If Run, Don't Ask What if...

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