Humanity is Like a Rose

May 7, 2008
By Shari Benjamin, Miami, FL

Humanity is like a rose that grew from
Even after our fore fathers fought for life on bended backs and knees
They were made servants! -
They were whipped and flogged
While the man tried to take their
Pride & dignity-
They fought a war to be free!
And still we sit here at the dawn of a new day unable to remember how black people fought for-
Their education, their religion, their peace, their freedom.
But as we look back at the past we say
they seemed to be staring at the dark but their eyes were watching God!
Still we stay here while the man upstairs is holding us down the government is smiling and laughing as we fall flat on our a**es.
And sometimes I wonder like Langston Hughes
"What happens to a dream deferred?"
Does it become a revolution? Or does it dry up like a raisin in the sun
and leave us bald and bare or maybe none

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