The Mocha At Starbucks

August 16, 2012
By Desiremeii BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
Desiremeii BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
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You are funny.
I can see you on the couch laughing loud
Your Bugs Bunny.

Your eating with all those snacks-
Your talking and relaxed-
You turn and won't peek back-
They say, "Lajuan your friend Des-"
You laugh, "Well, who is that?"

I'm sitting back with silence talking
With silence stalking,
While you leave walking.

That's the way i feel-
So it's cold today i sit and wait-
For you, but you just have me wait.

My hands are cold and then they freeze-
I know this case, so minds well leave.
I take the grace that left-
I sigh and take a breath.
And i start to walk each step,
But in pain i look my left.

I see you through the clear windows of Starbucks.
With your friend laughing and i hope you see me as I'm passing-
but i don't want you to see me gasping.
I thought!-you were? suppose to meet me for this gathering?!
But your sitting with your jacket really warm
With all the chattering-
I am too I'm really cold in my shivers
Walk alone.

I'm used to how i feel because for sometime since i was 9,
Everybody agreed, but never came to walk and talk with me.
You see.
Oh! you see-see me walking
through the corner of your eye and you start choking on the mocha you sit aside.
I read your friends lips: "Are you alright?"-
You wave your hand like saying "hi"
Yet, you say-
"Yes, I'm fine."

Its a spirit tear.
Invisible for you to see that though you see it slowly rain-
That's the cry from tears i have in pain.

Alone i walk the rain-
You think look again-
"Oh shoot that's-Desiree my other friend!"
She says, "Who that girl, that scared the squirrel, but dressed real nice with pretty pearls?
Your friend starts to laugh as i race, speed pick up pace,
Am i your friend name Desiree?
Am i your friend name Desiree?
You left in silence-you drank the mocha
Your friend got quiet.

That's the, that's the talking, i wasn't stalking
I waited for you-but i guess i guess it was 'Who?'
I thought the name was your name-
You talk- leave me quiet- no not hiding,
I'm not "Des." or is it "Silence."

Then i went home, i peeked back quick,
Yup still alone.

I walked inside and the heat was on.
i hummed a silent song,
The tear unfroze an they fell like a 'crazy' storm.

I walk to my room, and hear the music-
A guitar just like i had tuned it.
The song i was humming i heard it strumming.
I was amazed!
i heard someone say, 'Desiree?'
I wonder 'Who's?' that calling which was who i waited for,
But wasn't coming.

I step to my door and before i opened-
I hummed to the song which stopped,

I'm like 'Who was that?' so i knock.
In my room i saw spoon, a table, a seat,
With plenty room and no cable.

If I'm crazy, hate cable-

I felt a hug like the one i was suppose to get from the girl with the mocha at Starbucks-
Who couldn't strum.

Nor lay a foot on drums.

I can't see.

the storm was just going wild,
But i saw my friend Ikasia look with polish and file.
Then she said, ''Des what's wrong.''
Then the one hugging me said,
"Desiree, your fine, too strong."

I really feel us closer, but am wrong?

I had sat with Ikasia the polish-
We chatted with Lajuan we ate, but just not salad-
I played my song, our song, and to know in my heart
My Friends were there all along-from the start.

The author's comments:
I wanted my friend to understand how i felt with her sometimes on the way she acts. So she doesnt like poetry, but i made it easy for her to comprehend. She loved it! Were even closer now. Im not the best communicator, but when i write a poem to express myself its deep an appealing. Every thing i write is from my, "heart" always.

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