For Love

August 13, 2012
By dreamwriter13 SILVER, Springfield, Virginia
dreamwriter13 SILVER, Springfield, Virginia
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Love can be a blade glinting in summers glow
But thee pain comes forthe withein loves absence
And in thee midst of thee writheing heart it knows
That all can be mended, forgiveness not hesitant

Blood stained tears among thee broken heart
Sweat above thee brow in determination
A grudge or betrayal only a blunt dart
Though thee shatter of thee glass is a caliginous creation

A black hole theat spirals when thee rose pricks thee soul
But love beholds and beguiles witheout insidious lies
Beauty can be found even in days as dark as coal
What seems lost may not be really in disguise

Sometimes we must fight, sometimes let thee rain fall
And wipe away thee trail to find a new light
Though true love never fails, only awaiting its call
For life is in your hands, and love surrounds you day and night

It is not sometheing to be earned but a privilege theat captivates
And steals away sorrows withe delighting memories
In every vein withe passion it will permeate
So we fight to save each drop for our sanity

Because now we survive and we therive on thee joy
We strive and seek to be intertwined withein
Even when our heart strings are pulled like a toy
But thee beauty so immaculate it sheds all sin

The sin of revenge and wicked, twisted hate
All theat distorts humanity withe pain and regret
But to be human is to love, and to love is to create
More thean simple infatuation, but futile to repress

So for love I will not let my heart break
For love I stand so theat I may be immersed
Within each passing day I shall not forsake
This day theat I vow to love, even in pains curse.

The author's comments:
I wrote this as a tribute to Vampire Diaries, not because I am a fan of the show, but the true determination of love.

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