August 13, 2012
In a world, it started with love. But love grew into desire. Desire blossomed into lust. Lust leaded to attraction. Attraction led to affection. And affection grew into amazement. In amazement, i was shocked. I was shocked because there was space. The space needed to be filled. Filling it with what? What was needed to fill the void? The void led to what was deeper. Deeper in, what would you find? Could you find what didn't want to be found? What could be found without sight? What would you see in darkness? And would darkness fade into light? And would light protect us? How could we be protected from darkness when we saw nothing but darkness? With darkness there was no sight. With no sight, you can't be found. If it's not found, what could you find? Did you find what was deeper in? Deep into the void. The void needing, wanting to be filled. What would you fill it with? The space then shocked me, and i was amazed by the affection. And how affection led to attraction. Attraction led to lust and lust bloomed into desire. Desire grew into love. With love, the world started.

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OceanWaters said...
Aug. 16, 2012 at 2:02 pm
i like the last line
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