Another Lost Heart

August 12, 2012
By TheNewVintage96 BRONZE, Memphis, Tennessee
TheNewVintage96 BRONZE, Memphis, Tennessee
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"Live the life you love, love the life you live."

I love the sound of your voice.
I hear it, and forget about my pain.
You see, love is the choice,
I choose so I can take my last breathe in,
Before you take it again.
Before we depart
Into the sea of darkness I call night
Hoping I'll see you again in the light
So I can hold you tight in my trembling arms
I swear you'll never come to any harm.
Until then, I will sit here in my lonely room
Watch the sun arise, feel its warm embrace.
Sit and think of you, think of how you taste.

But I'll wait for your call
And pray I don't fall
Fall in love
I will deny that i feel anything
When the truth is I fell for everything
Your Smile
Your Heart
Your Words
But I know I'll get hurt.
I always do when I put trust in someone.
You claim that your different.
I don't believe it.
Because I have seen you with her.
And that you honestly love,her
You kiss, her
You miss, her
Yet, who's cheating on you?
Who's lying to you?
Who's hurting you?

So now I'm here just wanting to save you before I can't
And even though I am always there for you,
It's never enough to bring you in
But apparently you still need me
Apparently I made it so you always will
But it kills me
Because with me you smile and laugh and wish and live
But with her you cry and lie and crumble and die
But I will continue you to comfort you with the remnants of my soul
The one you control
But I don't want you too.
I don't want to care.
But I see why you stay with her.
She's pretty
She's popular
She's hard to get
I guess that why you don't love me.
Maybe you can't see that she is a monster.
But you will see.

So now its 8 months later, you have seen the truth.
You leave her, and start you journey to find the old you.
But you and I have departed
But you want to us to go back to the way we started.
But I can't, we won't
I can't trust, I can't love
You left and I survived
I have learned to live a different life.
so please understand where I stand.
I have learned to love another man.
You don't own my heart anymore.
Now suddenly I'm the one you adore.
It's funny how this switched around
Now you now how its like to be down.
I'm sorry it turned out this way
But you don't own my heart today.

The author's comments:
Kinda just felt like writing this. Yup....

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