I Want A Love

August 12, 2012
I want a love that puts Juliet's to shame
A love as animate and temperate as an open flame
i want a love that causes the stars to all become aligned
A love that melds both body and mind
I want a love that i can dance to
A love i can go through
And come out bigger and stronger
Be able to go further and last longer
I want a love that can substitute food,water and air
I want a love in answer to my prayer
I want a love that tests my very self control
Or one that calls invariably to my soul
A love that i can tuck inside my pocket
Wear around my neck in a heart shaped locket
And let soar through space in a satiny rocket
A love to die for
A love to pine for
I want a love to try for
A love that questions destiny and defies time
I want a love that is all mine

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