The Box

August 11, 2012
By WolverineSeventeen SILVER, La Canada, California
WolverineSeventeen SILVER, La Canada, California
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A white light slowly became brighter before my eyes. The sound of a deep inhale is the first noise I hear as I start to feel goose bumps. It’s a strangely exhilarating feeling, the thought of not knowing where you are but feeling so pure – so alive. The white light starts to take shape as it forms into a room – slight shadows in every corner. I’m in a box. I continue to hear the down of slow, deep breathing as sounds of tranquility join in, like an orchestra slowly building up, each instrument joining in at its own time to create a musical masterpiece. But this, this wasn’t music. It was simple sounds, peaceful sounds – ones I’ve never heard before but they make me feel so calm.

I begin to notice that I’m lying in the center of the room on the floor. It’s a soft, and white like the rest of the room. It’s fluffy, like I could pull off a piece of it and let it float through the air. I begin to sink into it becoming more relaxed, like I’m falling asleep on a cloud. The walls brighten a little more as I feel a soft warmth come in and cover my body. There’s a cool breeze, the kind of breeze you feel when you’re at the beach. I become more and more relaxed as the sounds of slow breath and tranquility start to fade, becoming softer, more comforting noises. I close my eyes, the light shining through my eye lids with a light orange-pink color. Then I fall asleep. Asleep in the box made of cloud and light and peace.

The author's comments:
The Box is a metaphor to many things. But it's up to you what to decide what it means to you.

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