A FaiRealistic Tale

August 10, 2012
By AnonymouslyPoetic BRONZE, Woodside, New York
AnonymouslyPoetic BRONZE, Woodside, New York
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Thinking of the perfect way to put my words in one, this is it from me to you, this is what you've done, I'm the average girl and you're my knight, all dressed in shining steel, I'm the princess who kissed the frog and found something so real,you're the beast who like the beauty and wins her heart right over,I'm Shrek's Fiona who's happily in love not caring to live as an ogre, You are Simba in love with Nala, whom have been forever friends, I'm BoPeep and without Woody, who would I defend ? You're my prince who flies his carpet, yes my Prince Aladdin, I'm your princess who would fly with you, yes your Princess Jasmine.

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