Little Broken Angel

August 9, 2012
The fire burns so sweet
The ice shines blue
When opposites meet
Lies become true
Whose playing who
Which is the jester, which the king
Was it really Cinderella's shoe
Is it really a diamond in your ring
Or cut glass shined to the standard
Another beautiful page turner
Where the wh*** is crowned and the saint slandered
Fiction always was a slow learner
One man's truth is another's deception
All a shade of the same green
But in the mirror can you find recollection
Or do you gaze on the ghosts of all you've seen
When you bleed do you cry
Or feed the silence with your life
Can you live if all you do is die
A soul strained in strife
Standing like a pillar in the rain
Empty eyes blank and grey
Your heartbeats fuel your pain
As you remember all the things they'd say
To your back and o your face
You can't retreat
You’re all leather and lace
All broken edges and simply sweet
Angel with a broken wing
Hands tied without a rope
Your soul tries to sing
But how can you sing without hope
When they see black and white
You see fighters
You understand the daily fight
And the victims raise their lighters
When you take the stage
And shed your sorrow
You’re an idol for the age
A hope for tomorrow
Candles are small
But they shed light
The dark gave its all
And you, little angel, won the fight

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