what else can i say?

August 5, 2012
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what else can i say?
to me, to Heaven; or to you
who i’ve said all that i could say to?

for too long have i been lost without
even knowing where i was going
but now i taste and feel and here
i stand where i need to be as long as i’m with you.

[are you the one i’ve been singing of
this whole time. or are you just another
wandering minstrel to dance in every corner of my mind]

and the world will spin without you
and the tides will roll and the sun will shine and the plants will grow
and I will still be able to breathe because
though you take my breath away, it is not yours to own

(sweet nothings or proverbs or a broken life to bless-i do not need any of these: only you, only yes)

tongue-tied, prosaic and mute
you’re so there: so absolute
you’ve strangled my muse
each verse turns obtuse
and thank God because if this wasn’t meant to be
then just my heart will be dead, not a thousand trees
felled in a mass sacrifice, as i did then.
and thank God for His absence: and thank God for His silence
because you make it so that i can hear music again.

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