August 7, 2012
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I have made a mistake,
thinking we belonged together.
I handed you my heart to take,
thinking you would hold it forever.

It started off with a simple hug,
and at the time didn't feel wrong.
My heart never felt that tug,
that told me I didn't belong.

Then came the lies,
and I knew the truth would never prevail.
This was where we said our harsh goodbyes,
ending our relationship as a fail.

My heart is now marked by death,
and the longing for your kiss.
It is hard to take a breath,
knowing it's you I will always miss.

You were the one who chose to leave,
leaving me left with desire.
I felt choked and I couldn't breathe,
as you burned my heart in fire.

I often thought of writing you a letter,
as I stare out into the pouring down rain.
I know, however, that things won't get better,
and that there would be no way to ease my pain.

I should've seen that you didn't want my heart,
but I was tricked by your touch.
Harsh words are what ripped me apart,
but obviously you didn't care much.

This relationship did not go well,
and rapidly came to a close.
Darkness is where your heart chose to dwell,
hurt pierces me like a thorn on a rose.

Thorns pierce my lung,
yet I stand there still.
The pain spreads but I hold my tongue,
wishing my heart the thorn to kill.

I am alone in my room,
thinking of the lesson you want me to learn.
I feel as if I am trapped inside a tomb,
left all alone in the space to burn.

So hard I have fought,
but I already see my fate.
I thought it was my heart you sought,
but I was wrong and love turned to hate.

It's you that I need,
but there's the knife.
You leave me here to bleed,
and there slips away my life.

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Johnny99 said...
Aug. 8, 2012 at 9:54 pm
The best poems come from the worst human experiences. You have made some great poetry.
xbrit46x replied...
Aug. 9, 2012 at 5:20 pm
very true!  and thank you!
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