A Battle For Two

August 6, 2012
I'm rolling and ranging on a rollercoaster of hatred
No passenger by my side, just me and my man God
In my head, replaying old conversations
Seems like we in a ship with no relations
Having fantasies about you daily, thinking of you and only you
I wonder do you think of me, yes no or maybe
I'm saving all this love for you, but temptation drives me crazy
And when I'm with you, I don't wanna do nothing guess that makes me lazy
I'll admit I never thought we would last this long, but as long as we play our parts this could go on and on
I'll be the beat and you can be the lyrics, together we make music and when times hard I try not to lose it
I try to stay sane, but my thoughts and actions won't let me remain
My mind so strong, head so gone, but my heart ain't cold
You said you can't see my love for you, well take off that blindfold
My mind was in a cell for two, broke free from incarceration and that's when I was added with you
I might do things to ease my mind, but I'll never trip 'cause I know you still mines.

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