You Used Me

August 7, 2012
By Imperfecion SILVER, Middletown, Connecticut
Imperfecion SILVER, Middletown, Connecticut
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You used me, you hurt me, its like you don't see what you have in front of your eyes. You do unnecessary things and in the end your the one left stuck in the black hole looking for a way to escape, you worshiped the ones you had i was just a piece od paper you crumble and once in a while uncrumble when your in need, you had no belief for me you never cared for me everything was a lie, the stories and the struggles were were all lies. I tried to make the relationship strong but i wasn't wanted you had everyone and everything you needed in your life. Now your dead to me, there will be a day when you wished you been there for me through thick and thin, standing by my side seeing me succeed and holding my hand when I'm inned, but just like you i have everyone and everything i need in my life.

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