a true friend

August 7, 2012
By Anonymous

True friend... is a friend that you can rely on
A friend you can count on when you need them the most
Friends that tell one another everything, no matter the pain or heart ache
True friends always stick together through thick and thin.. doesn't matter if a new friend pops up in the picture
When they pop up then they try to drag you away and out your best/true friends life.. to leave them out in the cold
True friends stick together even if a new friend pops up in the picture they will no matter what stick by your side.
True friends have such a deeper meaning then those two words. True friends stick together, tell one another everything, never hide anything from each other

The author's comments:
this one is about me and my best friend we are always telling each other everything no matter how bad it kills us cause in the end we are grateful we fond Each Other

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