Summer's Song

August 6, 2012
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The night was young and the stars were bright,
When the beautiful summer song played in the night,
The words had meaning, and our voice held true,
because all I needed to shine and sing, was you.

We sang and danced, in the cold air above
falling and spinning into an ever deep love
yet in the distance, I could see the clouds begin to roll,
But, I kept on going, consumed by your fiery soul.

The words would play, and the song had life
But now I look back, and it cuts me like a knife,
Because to my surprise the very next day,
The world was cold and the song didn't play.

I really didn't have any clue why
except that it had to do with that final goodbye
where my heart was torn apart and ripped in two
I guess the song couldn't play without you.

So the song never played, and the wind didn't blow
The stars didn't shine, and inside i did know,
That the song was over, and I couldn't hear the birds
Because when you left, I guess you also forgot the words.

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