Forbidden Fruit

August 3, 2012
By Miranda2013 GOLD, Clintwood, Virginia
Miranda2013 GOLD, Clintwood, Virginia
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When life gives you lemons..... sprinkle on some sugar and eat them suckers!

She knows the consequences
but the temptation is stronger.
She tries not to given in
but she can't take it any longer.
"Do it." the serpent hisses.
"There is nothing to lose."
Take it or leave it.
Which one will she choose?
"I can't." she says,
but her flesh beckons her to it.
The serpent stands watching,
chanting, "Do it! Do it!"
The pressure grows stronger
until she finally gives in.
The serpent slithered off
cheerful for his win.
Realizing her mistake,
she looks to the sun.
And hides from her Father
thinking, "What have I done?"

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