The UnKnown

August 3, 2012
Adam,why don't you ever return any of my letters?Are you dead?Please answer me.I need to know if you okay. I need to tell you thank you for helping me find my way back home from the lost forest.You never gave me a chance to say thank you.Why did you leave me like that?I invite you to my house and all you do is leave when I go take a shower.Can you just answer this letter to let me know you are okay.Your having me worried sick thinking someone has murdered you.Well I will be waiting for you,and if nothing I will just have to go on.


Hello Janet,I have Adam right next to me waiting to see you.I'm not sure you remember me,but you did something very hurtful that I will never forgive you for.I told you I will get revenge.In my eyes it's working.Well if you want him back you will have to get the to get something that is very important to me.You should know.Well times ticking you have until sunset or he will be...


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