The Sight of the blind

August 2, 2012
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I see the world in a diffrent way
that's because I'm blind I say
I can't see the lush of trees
or the crashing of waves at sea
I can't see the numerous flowers
or the wonder of tall towers
I can't see the many cars
or the twinkling of the stars
I can't see the pictures on the shelf
I can't even see myself
but I can see in my own way
but you don't believe me you say
I can hear the batting of a butterfly's wings
as the sun rises I can feel the life it brings
I can feel the heat on a summer day
I can feel cold water down at the bay
I can hear the buzzing of bees
and feel the textures of dying trees
I can hear the sound of wind chimes
and the beauty of poetic rhymes
I can enjoy the cold of a summer lemonade
I can feel the tempature as the sun fades
I can hear the joy of laughter
and the fading giggles after
Everyone thinks I live in strife
but actually I love my life
nature is all I need
to feel truly free

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