Dream Chasing

August 4, 2012
I follow my dreams

Even if they were jumping off a 50 story building.

Because when I hit the ground, I leave behind all of those that associate me with “never”

Ive come a long way from the days when all I wanna do is ditch class

Because I didnt know what my peers were going to say next.

My parents said, someday, I'll be evern bigger than the oprah effect.

But its not about power…

its about what you do with it.

Im like the sandman… but not any type of sandman.

Because ill hit you with a real good dream.

a dream so good, you may think your skating on thin ice…

but you’ll walk on water just to bring it to life.

A dream so good that even when your awake, you can see it glow.

When lightning strikes an ambitious soul,

your voice is a siren.

going off waiting to tell your story to anyone who will listen.

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