A perfect relationship (no such thing)

August 3, 2012
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A perfect relationship? Oh honey there's No such thing.It took alot of compromising to get this ring.But thats what relationships
Are about,being selfless and showing your Spouse complete support.Hopefully that Will keep other couples from going to court.

Relationships are about give and takes ,stepping Out of your comfort zone for your partners sake.No arguments, equals no relationship and honey if this relates to you, then youre on a sinking ship.

If you and your partner fear confrontation then,There wont be any communication.It’s ok to
Argue with your spouse but its important you dont go to bed angry because this may lead to jealousy.
When he communicates with someone
Else you will be saying”why cant that be me”
But when you two go to bed in peace ,your Mind will be at ease.All you will have to do now Is continue to love, and let the universe take it's Course.Just make sure the love youre giving isn't Forced because ultimately this may lead to a divorce.

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