Your Face

August 2, 2012
Never thought I’d see the day when I didn't recognize your face
every feature, every line,
just seemed out of place

No matter where I moved, your hazel eyes refused to meet mine
losing a friend never felt like more of a crime

I knew your first name,
last and middle
but it didn’t change a thing
I knew your favorite color,
phone number and birth date;
but facts don’t change feelings

Losing my first love
Never caused so much pain until
I looked away
copied and paste
pushed my cheek against the dismembered piece of paper
upon your ink face

But even when your face was in plain sight
I knew I'd never see the same boy who
Held my hand
Hugged me when I cried
Kissed my forehead
Forgave me when I lied

I knew you would never let me
lay my head across your heart
talk to you until your dreams made off with your thoughts
my lips would only be allowed to touch your cheek
I’d have to have a reason to embrace you
friendship would no longer be a possibility

I never thought I’d see the day, when didn't recognize your face
and it still feels like I have no place to tell you to this day

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