July 15, 2012
By JeanaWilde GOLD, Kearns, Utah
JeanaWilde GOLD, Kearns, Utah
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I am tenacious, obsessive
I wonder what the world would look like unadulterated through my eyes
I hear the cries of those unworthy in life
I see a glimpse of hope burned in the fires of dejection
I want nothing more than to sanitize the Earth of its repulsive inhabitance
I am authoritarian; brutal; opportunistic
I pretend I care for these inferior beings to guide them to my view of the realm
I believe in a domain below me, suffering as I have, worthless and pathetic in itself
I touch their putridly mangled bodies only moments after death, cold, pitiful, useless bags of bones
I feel I am one of the Supreme Being, brought into this world by perfection and will remain so until death
I worry those below me will figure out my dealings before they fall powerlessly into the deceptions, unable to resurface
I cry as a façade, to hide my hideous interior
I am tenacious, obsessive
I understand the world will never be quite the same after I’m done

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