July 30, 2012
By soccerzz31 BRONZE, Springfield, Virginia
soccerzz31 BRONZE, Springfield, Virginia
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You are like the anchor that weighs me down
You've only brought out the worst in me
You had me drifting far from being found
You left me drowning in the darkest sea

Like a cartographer without a map key
Like a lighthouse missing it's strongest light
You guided me only to lose me at sea
You smothered my aura which was once so bright

Time is the only medicine they say
I'm letting go of all these weights
I will not get lost within this fray
Freely, I will sail through open gates

You're the anchor that weighs me down at sea
but you no longer have ahold of me

The author's comments:
I had wrote this piece about someone who really took advantage of me and weighed me down for the longest time. I hope the message that is received from this is that it gets better, and the "anchors" will diminish.

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