June 25, 2008
By Tevin Ferebee, Edenton, NC

What does it mean

when you live through

all life's pains?

It makes you stronger,

not physically,

but mentally it reshapes

you till it's done.

As the years pass

you see the world change

from four wheeled cars

to hover crafts.

Why am I still alive?

I think as I lay in my hospital bed.

I have a stroke, something

that most people don't survive.

Ten years later....

I move my arm.

Ouch! I yelll as the pain circulates

through my arm.

Twenty years later....

I walk.

I yell.

I'm immortal.

As I yelled, my life

was ended by an 18 wheeler.

I'm in the same state

as I started

going through life's pains.

It rewinds and starts all over

the same straight line.

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