Black Wolf

July 29, 2012
By AliciaMarie SILVER, Sierra Vista, Arizona
AliciaMarie SILVER, Sierra Vista, Arizona
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To many doubts grow in the cracks of silence and separation.

The night is dark

The day is bright

A black wolf howls

In the morning light

He howls in anger

He howls in pain

He is deviseing a plan

To take down his game

His family is gone

His family is dead

Their lives were taken

By two legged men

He'll get his revenge

He'll get it soon

But he must move quick

By the light of the moon

They'll try to hurt him

With their noise makers and bows

They'll try to capture him

With things he doesn't know

But he is to quick

He avoids them with ease

They run for the woods

Try to hide in the trees

They run and they run

But realise with dismay

That no matter how far they run

They'll never get away

He tracks them down

One by one

He doesn't stop

Until his job is done

When their finally gone

And he is back at home

He falls asleep forever with his family

Their spirits free to roam

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