happy father day

July 29, 2012
By Dio_lol BRONZE, Lawrence, Massachusetts
Dio_lol BRONZE, Lawrence, Massachusetts
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We want to wish you a nice father day. We couldn’t get you anything but this note. We want to thank you for being there. It use to be 3 kids you took care of and soiled but know there 4 kids. There should be 6 kids but Your other 2 all already too big to be call kids.

My brother and I are heading into a new chapter in our lives. We have to struggle with a lot things but we know you’re going to be pulls us right back up. It not going to be easy but we know that we can count on you. You’ll yell and tell us how it should be done. You tell us stories about your life and how it infected even today. How your stupid mistake turns into a dilemma. That you don’t want us to face dilemmas like you did. You want us to solve our mistake before it turns bad. I know you want us to become a better person than you’ll ever will be.

I know it must be hard for you to see us grow. You want us to be in arms forever but we can’t we have to struggle to learn. It going to be hard for us because we’re not going to be kids again and we know you want to watch our every move when we going into school. That you’re getting ready for every mistake because we are going to make a lot of mistakes.


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this piece me and my brother made for my father.my father is not the easy man on the earth but we still love him

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